May 13, 2016


Schools are a place where storytelling happens naturally: during break times, on the sports field, during class when the teacher’s back is turned … Schools in South Africa are also a place where we hear the most precious stories of unlikely friendships forming – but also sometimes the most tragic stories of prejudice, bullying and racism.

The What’s your Story? initiative for high schools comprises a lesson plan for LO classes that deal with cultural diversity and the power of personal storytelling.

The lesson plans include:

  • The Heartlines film, The Miners
  • A practical storytelling exercise within the classroom, amongst learners and educators
  • Various storytelling role-playing activities

The Miners tells the story of a tender friendship that is almost destroyed by the prejudices of an older generation. Against the backdrop of a mining community where the divides of apartheid are slow to disappear, Sandra, a white girl, and Moagi a black boy, form an unlikely friendship. But when Sandra’s father Johnny is passed over for promotion in favour of Moagi’s father Dan, he forbids his daughter to spend time with Moagi. Dan – also determined to keep the children apart – sends Moagi back to his T’aung boarding school. The unusual friendship of their children forces both fathers to reconsider their own prejudices.

To get your school involved in What’s your Story?, email or call 011 771 2540.